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Knowing Your Anti Aging Fat Loss System

anti aging fat loss undereating dietHave you ever wondered the role of catabolism in your anti aging fat loss goals? To control weight, fat storage, and fat burning, you need to take a closer look at the mechanisms working around your metabolism. Metabolism is composed of the anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism refers to the cell building processes, which includes muscle building and regrowth of tissues and hair. Catabolism refers to the process of breaking down food from large substances into smaller and desirable formats that could support cellular functions, such as producing usable energy.



If you take food, catabolism will break down the food and extract the carbohydrates, proteins, or fats. The carbohydrates, proteins, or fats will then be converted from an ingested form into usable forms of energy. Energy is released through a series of catabolic reactions.


Catabolism is required to lose weight, but you also need anabolism to maintain enough muscle. It is logical then that people who are trying to lose weight should do both catabolic and anabolic state. Don’t give me that big stare. This might come as a surprise, but yes, you need to do how to do your job of losing weight properly.



The best way to lose weight and decrease body fat is to build lean muscle mass. The muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does. A leaner individual could actually devour more calories without gaining weight because their bodies are more capable of burning them off.


By nature, foods do not contain high quantities of sugar and fat at the same time, so the caveman bodies long time ago did not experience high levels of fat and sugar in their bloodstream.


Strength training

strength training catabolism anti aging fat lossstrength training anti aging fat lossI would recommend you do some catabolic activities, such as the resistance training or any shape up fat weight loss program. Resistance training tears muscle fibers, triggers the anabolic process, repairs the body, and builds stronger muscles. The muscles you developed from strength training are meant to handle more stress.


A novice resistance trainee who is just starting to lift weights may experience faster gain in muscularity and strength. The opposite occurs when the resistance trainee maximizes the body’s anabolic potential.


You may have noticed trained bodybuilders and power lifters experiencing muscle waste and failed to gain more muscle mass or strength. They most likely reached their peak muscular development.


When the anabolic potential has been maximized, the bodybuilder reaches its stagnation point. This understanding is crucial to your anti aging fat loss program. You can build lean muscle mass, but it is totally dependent on the level of muscular development allowed by nature.


Another thing you need to understand are the individuals who lose muscle mass at some point, then surprisingly build lean muscle mass back again. Muscles like the fat cells have memory.


Your body has its own muscle mass set point, which makes it regulate muscle gain or loss. This is the cause you feel weak even if you follow the right diet and fitness routines. When you reach your peak anabolic state, the catabolic activity of your body increases and try to shrink the body back down to its normal size.


Anti aging fat loss metabolism secret

anti aging fat loss catabolicBy following a special diet cycle, you are able to induce temporary catabolic state and stimulate anabolic potential to prohibit the body from reaching its stagnation point. Exercising forces your body to activate and reactivate the anabolic states, which can break, repair, build, rejuvenate, and improve itself.


Undereating and exercise triggers an anabolic potential that turns into actual repair and growth of the muscle tissues after nutritional replenishment, which includes when the body is at a state of rest. The cycle of undereating and overeating may last from one day per week to a continuous seven days per week.



This method forces the body to detoxify, which is critical for the production of steroid hormones. Liver detoxification tends to recycle broken cells and proteins for the overall rejuvenation of the tissues.


During the undereating stage, you can minimize food consumption and eat mainly low glycemic fruits and vegetables, such as yogurt or boiled eggs. The actual undereating phase should last from wake up until the evening meal. To avoid muscle waste and metabolic decline, you should limit the duration of undereating to a maximum of 24 hours only.


Also About Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan


If you workout, you should have a recovery meal to inhibit protein breakdown and materialize the anabolic activity in the worked muscles. When you fast, exercise, or undergo intense stress, you activate an inner cellular process that induces the synthesis of growth stimulating hormones, while forcing the body to dig into its storage cells and turn the glycogen and fat into energy.




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