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Drinking Water Can Make You Look Younger

Drinking water boosts your anti aging skin care by keeping your body and your skin sufficiently hydrated. Do you want to look years younger without going the surgical route? Have you known that drinking water and efficiently hydrating on the inside can result in a dewy and fresh looking skin on the outside?


Dehydration often leaves people feeling weak, confused and irritated. Water helps things move along smoothly in your system. Water is an all-natural, safe energy drink.


It may not be some magical weight loss potion that may help you look younger and beautiful. Can your tap water be the fountain of youth? There is one simple anti aging skin care you can follow to slow down the wrinkles and fine lines from showing.



You may want to know that those headaches, poor digestion, and the blotchy skin may be the symptoms of not drinking enough water. Drinking enough water can make your eyes appear clearer, sharper, and definitely brighter.


You can either drink or eat your water to fill up the cellular tanks. Water is the key to vibrant health and in maintaining strong cells. Internal and external factors weaken your ability to retain water due to damaged cells.


As a result, the signs of aging may appear as early as in your 30s. When your skin becomes dry, your sleep patterns change, and your energy wavers, your fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.


You can feel this when you seem to have a tougher time to keep the excess weight off and needs more caffeine to get through your day. Water up and treat your skin.


But, why do we need so much water? It is because hydration is necessary for the removal of waste, the lubrication of joints, the protection of body tissues, and the stabilization of body temperature.


Are you trying to make those dark shadows around your eyes disappear? Drink water and you can make those blotches go away!


The concept is very simple. When a body is dehydrated, the body will pull water from your skin and tissue. This makes your skin less elastic and your eyes more sunken. The changes can definitely make you look older.


Every system and function of the body depend on water. It flushes toxins from the vital organs, carries nutrients to cells, provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues, and eliminates waste.


To see is to believe, or shall I say to read the news is to believe, visit the DailyMail UK






Drink water throughout the day. Water is anti aging! Don’t you know that water could actually slow down your aging process? Help you with your anti aging fat loss?


Water assists in the elimination of toxins and ensures a proper cell hydration. Water works also for your beauty and not only in providing your life.


Water continuously flushes your digestive system, moving food particles along at a rapid rate. This can result in a weight loss.


Just think of it. If you are busy drinking your 3 to 4 liters of water all day, you won’t have the time or the desire to drink higher calorie beverages like sodas or juices.


When you drink more, you look more beautiful, fresher in any instance, and wear shiny and bright eyes. Based on the fact that the human body is composed of 90% water, drinking water is one best way to cleanse your system and enhance your natural beauty.


Apparently, drinking more water is necessary for the digestion, cooling, internal cleansing, elimination, and the circulation of nutrients to the cells of the body. Just keep yourself constantly hydrated and stay beautiful as ever.


Pure water is important in cleansing the body’s overall system, which helps you become healthier and looking younger. Drinking water can make your skin healthier, as well as makes your hair and nails stronger and shinier.


Hydration has to do with the water your cells can hold. Without enough water in the cells, your internal organs cannot perform well. Regardless of what causes aging, the final pathway has always been the reduction of water in your tissues.


Another benefit is that if you drink water 30 minutes prior to a meal, it will actually fill you up so you eat less. This is especially true for older individuals.


As you age, your cells and connective tissues break down and lose their ability to attract and hold onto the amount of water they need to function optimally. Water promotes both aging skin care and weight loss.


Drinking plenty of water will make your metabolism more thermogenic, because water raises your dopamine levels.


Don’t run to diet sodas to quench your thirst. They contain phosphates that rot your teeth and bones as they deplete your calcium, raise your blood pressure, and damage your brain chemistry.


If you are older than 40, they can very well increase your chances of developing osteoporosis. Soft drinks are especially hazardous to people older than 40, because older kidneys are less able to process phosphorus, which can lead to the depletion of calcium.


Without calcium, you all know that bones weaken! You are better off sticking with regular water, and focusing your diet on fresh fruits and vegetables, and supplements if you can do it.


Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to go for another glass of water. If you live in hot environments, are chronically ill, exercise regularly, or are entering your senior years, make sure you constantly drink water throughout your day until you hit 3 liters for women and 4 liters for men.





One study revealed that drinking at least 2 liters of water a day can help your body burn off an extra 150 calories a day. Water can also flatten your tummy as it helps you burn extra calories in a day.


You cannot look your best when you are water deprived and exhausted. Water is actually second to oxygen in maintaining health.


It serves to refresh you physically and mentally, boost your performance, and help reduce puffy skin and eyes. Water maintains your system equilibrium, regulates your body temperature, and flushes out the toxins.


Water is crucial to every cell in transporting nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and hormones. A sufficient supply of water allows the proteins and the enzymes to function more properly.


It also acts as the adhesive material in the bondage of cell architecture.


Drinking 2 cups of water before meals can result in 75 to 90 fewer calories consumed. If you drink water before every meal, you are not only staying hydrated, you will consume almost 300 less calories per day and 8,400 calories per month.


The following are the benefits of having regular intakes of water on the skin

  • It makes your skin glow and you feel better after a bottle of water
  • If you have wrinkles, they will be less obvious
  • Water helps the body get rid of toxins thus making it work efficiently and this will be evident on the skin
  • Water keeps your body and skin hydrated thus ensuring they function properly
  • Water replenishes the skin cells and increases the skin elasticity


Do not wait until you feel hydrated before you take water. Make it a part of you to take water regularly. A dehydrated skin becomes dry, hard, flaky, and prone to wrinkling.


After drinking water inwards, you can also apply it to your skin through moisturizers to nourish it from the outside. The moisturizing provides the skin the firsthand moisture it needs right away to keep it soft and supple.


A point to note. Please avoid taking chilled water or drinks every time because they disrupt the balance of the inner body and puts it in shock.


Based on some studies, cold water may be responsible for joint pains, and also, cause stiffness and heaviness of the joints. For those with joint pains, it is advisable not to take cold water.


Take the room temperature instead. It is very good for the body as it does not affect the inner temperature of the body fluid. To keep your body fluids in the right temperature that is required by your body to function properly, it can be best not to drink cold or chilled water.





What happens when you are dehydrated?

Your body steals water from the less important parts of your body. This means the skin is the first place it gets water from and deliver to the more important parts of your body.


Drinking a glass of water can decrease the amount of salt in your body. During the day, fluid losses occur continuously in the form of urine, skin evaporation, and stool.


You become dehydrated if your water intake does not equate your output. If you are dehydrated, your body is going to pull water from your tissues.


When it does that, your eyes will look sunken and your skin will look drier. You will be looking a lot older if this occurs.


Pure water is by far, one of the best things for your body. A hydrated skin looks years younger. Do make sure you are drinking chlorine free water. Rid your drinking water of any unhealthy chemicals.



What about drinking too much water?

Please don’t do this. It can lead to seizure. The digestive organs aren’t a straight tube, so none of the water that you drink streams down into your large intestine to moisten or flush out feces.


Drinking too much water will eventually make the stool dry and hard because of the potassium depletion. As the stool gets drier, people begin adding more and more fiber and drinking more and more water, instead of less.


The subject of the water’s role in health and wellbeing is inseparable from certain essential minerals that help maintain the tight water balance inside the body.


This is what you should know. You can drink plenty, and still be underdehydrated, or even dehydrated, when those minerals are missing because of an inadequate diet, heavy perspiration, diarrhea, vomiting, kidney disease, and certain medical conditions.


You do not need to drink excessively because so little water is needed to maintain stool moisture. Drinking too much water is uncommon, but water intoxication can be serious.


Too much water intake can result in hyponatremia, which occurs when the sodium in your blood is diluted. This imbalance of electrolyte content makes the body’s tissue cells swell, put pressure on the brain and nerves, and result in an irregular heartbeat. This also produces fluid in the lungs and fluttering eyelids.


Drinking water without added electrolytes may put athletes who sweat heavily suffer water intoxication.




Is drinking distilled water healthy?

This may be a bit morbid, but the article published in Dr. Mercola revealed drinking distilled water is potentially dangerous to the point that it may cause an early death.


Distilled water is considered as an active absorber. When it comes to contact with air, it absorbs the carbon dioxide, which results in the water becoming acidic.


The more distilled water you drink, the higher would be your body acidity. Don’t you know that distilled is very aggressive and could dissolve metals and substances it comes in contact?


The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies the distilled water as an aggressive, mineral free water that tends to dissolve substances in contact.


It has been found that when the water rapidly absorbs the carbon dioxide from the air, the water turns acidic and becomes more aggressive.


Distilled water can ultimately drain your body from nutrients if you are not cautious about putting good nutrients back. Distilled water is the purest form. It is used to pull out the properties of the tea leaves and roots.


Because distilled water, has no minerals in it, this is the reason it is preferred in making strong teas, as it extracts any substances it is exposed to.


Water without minerals soaks up mineral deposits in a person, but does not provide minerals back. You should take something loaded with organic minerals, such as kelp, alfalfa, dandelion, or nettle.


There are no minerals left in a distilled water. The distilled water is considered as an absorbent water. This means it absorbs carbon dioxide, which may make your body acidic.


By drinking alkaline water, you start to bring tissues back to an alkaline state. Some spring waters are alkaline, but you can create alkaline water from tap water or spring water by using an alkalizing filter.


Clustered water moves easily within the body and aids nutrition absorption and waste removal. It is more readily taken up by the cells and is therefore more hydrating to the cells and helps them to detoxify.


The alkaline water can super hydrate the body. Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules. Tap water is under pressure and has very large clusters of 12 to 14 molecules.


The ionization process breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures the water down to about 5 to 6 molecules per cluster. The smaller cluster size means the water is more easily absorbed into the cells.



The process

The water is boiled, evaporated, and then the vapor is condensed. The goal of the distillation process is to remove the contaminants in the water. However, along the process, they also were able to remove the naturally occurring minerals.


Distilled water belongs to the category of purified water that uses the distillation, de-ionization, or reverse osmosis process. This means the water has been demineralized by the process and drinking them on a daily basis potentially increases the acidity in the body, unable to hydrate the body the way the mineral water does, and they can leach minerals out of the body.


Being free of dissolved minerals makes the distilled water being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.


There are some benefits you get when you seek to cleanse or detoxify for short periods, but drinking this like normal water on a regular basis is potentially dangerous.



How colas, beverages, and soft drinks are made

Most experts call the colas, beverages, and soft drinks now as toxic commercially process drinks. These drinks consist of carbonated water, sugar, and flavorings. Carbonated water constitutes up to 94% of the soft drink.


The carbon dioxide is added to act as mild preservative and give that special sparkle and bite to the beverage. Sugar makes up about 7 to 12% of the soft drink to enhance the mouth feel and consumer enjoyment.


The process of clarifying the water appears to be the same process as producing distilled water, where the minerals and other contaminants were removed.


The distilled water is injected with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water. Several studies reported that people who are heavy consumers of soft drinks often spill huge amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals into the urine.



What does it imply?

This means that the more minerals you lose, the higher would be your risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. In short, you can have the long list of aging related degenerative diseases in a short time.


Scientists have speculated that one caused of aging and disease is the accumulation of acid waste products in the body. You can also relate the acidity and waste accumulation to poor diet.


Logically, the longer you drink distilled water, the more likely you are to develop mineral deficiencies and acidity. Definitely, cell organs do not want to be in an acidic environment.


Most people who consumed distilled water developed multiple mineral deficiencies. Diseases and early death were likely seen with the long term drinking of distilled water.






Thoughts from the author:

Shirley Chio drinks a lot of water and of course pee a lot too. Could this be the reason why she stays hydrated all the time and developed less wrinkles even at 49 running to 50 years old? This article is edited today and the picture was taken about a year or two from 2017.




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