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How Salt Affects The Way You Grow Your Hair

salt damage the way you grow your hairCan salt affects the way you grow your hair? We are very keen on protecting our skin from the sun exposure, but we weren’t wise enough to protect our hair from the effects of salt. Spending a day at the shore is quite good, but taking a dip in the ocean may do your hair damage. Isn’t the sea healing? It gives us many benefits that include reducing swelling and treating wounds, but, overexposure to the salt water causes hair damage. On the other hand, the sea salt, if the hair is not overly exposed, can get all of the gunk out of your hair. It can remove years of product build up in your hair and give your hair a lift.


What makes salt water damaging?

Your hair is just like your skin. The water content makes it elastic, moisturized, and stretchy. As the sea has a higher salt content, it takes water out of your hair. Your hair becomes dehydrated, dry, and brittle due to loss of moisture. Too much loss of moisture can result in a tangled, rough feeling.


Too much salt causes hair fall

Having too much salt in your system makes your body deposit the excess sodium around the hair follicles. This prevents nutrients from entering the follicles, resulting in a hair fall.



You might be wondering what could be so bad in spending a day dipping in the sea. Well, your hair’s water content is what makes it stretchy, elastic and moisturized.


It can become devastated and dry if too much moisture is lost through evaporation. As the sea high salt content leaches out the water on your hair, you should understand that lost hair moisture cannot be possibly replenished immediately.


High salt diet

The Americans have the greatest incidence of baldness because of their high fat, high protein diets. This damages the kidneys and creates acidity in the blood. Additionally, the common table salt has been linked to hair loss.


Salt should never be added to food but who wants to eat food without taste? When using salt for seasoning, you should use the one with iodine to make sure you have taken the iodine nutrient vital to hair growth unless you are a regular consumer of seafood.




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