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Mind Over Matter: The Power Of Thinking On Aging

This is rather a far out anti aging skin care solution to reverse aging. The author said that you can use your willpower to overcome cravings, lose weight, feel great, and care for your skin. Staying young is actually living life positively.


I would like to admit that even myself have been practicing this mind over matter theory in treating my slipped discs, sciatica, back pain, asthma, and whatever you call as seeing myself always in the age of 30.


I have no other recourse but to mentally see everything in a positive light, because I am not like the rich people out there who just can make appointments whenever they feel like it.



Budget has always been a matter of consideration for me and has been effectively influencing the core of my very existence since 2006.


When thinking about aging, it is important that you think of yourself as a person who is growing older in number, getting wiser in terms of wisdom, and have gained much more experience and practical observations about wrinkle formation and lifestyle.


Based on many studies about aging and lifestyle, a 60 year old can be as fit, biologically speaking, as a 30 year old or possibly can be even more fit depending on the lifestyle a person follows!


With the stereotype classification of aging as becoming hopelessly incapable in just about every way, you have always the option to look at things in a different perspective. Come on, motivate yourself a little.


Why am I trying to convince you to think of aging in a different way? Positive programming can give you more benefits in terms of beauty and health regardless of your current age today.


Let me give you an idea. Eat smart and let go of stress. Choose to be happy despite of everything. To manage your stress and stay happy, you need to think positively.


Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. The self perception about aging relates more to the attitude than physical health. The best predictors of successful aging are well within the individual’s control.


So, could this be the reason I feel Forever 30? In my country, when you reach near 40 and above, you are already considered old and expected to act and see things the way 70s see the world.


One of my friends once told me, life is a psychology. That is when I looked back with my life and realized, yes, it is true. Indeed, life is just a psychology.


Turning back the hands of time

No, I did not try to turn back the hands of time. I prefer to stay with the current facts that I have and my needs.


Because I am already retired and that SSS pension in the Philippines can be received only at the age of 65, I am fully aware I must stay healthy in between my date of retirement and my pension age. Getting sick can be pretty scary without a good health care insurance.


In trying to keep myself healthy, I thought I could have some fun and choose which age I would like to stay forever. By any chance I can do it, would be a great bonus. The decision has been just some sort of motivation and fun for me.


I first chose 30, then I upgraded to 35.  Then, realization occurred to me that yes, theoretically my mind and maybe my body stayed at the age of 35. There are people telling me I look like I am in my 30s. Stop it, the wrinkles would tell the truth.


However, when I look at the mirror, I do not see any fine lines or deep wrinkles, that usually happens when you are 49 and near to 50. Yes, I will be 50 in 2 months.


Unless stress and depression hit me, I would say I can live a hundred. Aging gracefully requires a good understanding about what nutrition can do to your skin and how exercise really matters as you grow your age in numbers.


To be fit and slim may mean being able to understand the choices you have to make each time you feed your body. Get over the idea of getting old.


Accept the fact that your body will age terribly if you do not change your lifestyle and food choices now. And I mean, now! Knowledge gives us the power to make aging matter less.





Your sense of self-worth versus despair can highly impact your attitude towards aging. Most aging individuals develop their own perceptions about what aging really means in their own context.


Successful aging is not so much a matter of years lived or health status, but rather a matter of perception and attitude.


Poor self-concept, depression, and other negative feelings can be seen in the older population. Studies have shown that the quality of life and life satisfaction may be linked to personality and mental health factors.


Ageism is still prevalent in our youth oriented society, which far too often portrays older adults as physically and mentally inept, nonproductive, and dependent. Because I jog every day, I haven’t experienced this kind of treatment from people around me yet, maybe because I look younger even though they are actually a lot younger in age than me.


I can see that some women in their 30s are really being affected by the stress and day to day problems of their lives. One lady customer service looks older than her age, and I can see that she got a lot of stress and health problems.


As you get around age 30, you may start to lose the resiliency of youth. This decline is natural. However, the pace at which it occurs sets apart those who slide downhill rapidly from those who age gracefully.


The normal progression of changes called aging occurs in the cells, the organs, and ultimately, in the whole person. The body’s supply of protein fibers called elastin and collagen gradually decreases, and those that remain lose some of their capacity to spring back. The way you think about aging can make it either speedier or slower.


As the excessive exposure to direct sunlight damages collagen and accelerates wrinkling, it is further aggravated by frowning and exaggerated facial expressions.


Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young, but becomes constantly more active and happy regardless of individual physical capacity. Well, you can defy aging and stay forever young.


It is important and rewarding to be proud of who and what you are, including your age and experience. We live in a world that places emphasis on youth and beauty. Although views of aging differ within cultures and with individual people, indications are that most people and culture favor youthfulness.


Generally, aging is seen as undesirable. Often, people growing older have been described as fading fast. Thinking about how perception might influence the experience of time and how a person age, you can very well understand how a person’s perception influences his health and how he feels how old he is.




Successful aging largely depends upon the fit between self-perceived resources and the normative demands of one’s situation. Deriving meaning and purpose involves feeling that one is a part of something that transcends the self.


Excess eating is probably the first dietary habit that promotes the aging process, particularly if the foods involved are heavy, oily, very sweet, or hard to digest.


Excess eating produces excess weight that clogs and congests the body and slows down movement, metabolism, and perception. This further weakens immunity, longevity and enthusiasm in life.


The excess eating plus the use of too much salt, sugar, oily and fried foods, refined flour, and processed food items contribute to the aging process. Which means, fast food and junk foods, or the modern diet can practically make you age faster.


So, how does perception about aging works here? If you think that people who eat healthy foods and those who don’t die anyway, then you are up to bigger surprises of body inflammation, deep wrinkles and stress!


I changed the moment I figured out what could make me a better person and what could give me a better quality of life. In 2004, my problems with my back started to affect my quality of life. Even then, I tried to walk even if at that time my left leg felt numb.


Sad to say, I actually dragged my left leg just to keep on walking. I did not give up. I never sulk in my room. I cried though, but that is all it is. I know that if I give up, then who would take care of me if I became totally useless and invalid?


Each morning I wake up and tried to beat the pain and the numbness. I cannot do surgery. Besides being too costly for me, there were incidences that some did not survive and became a vegetable.


I certainly do not want to take that risk. So, I continued walking inch by inch until I can walk straight and even run at short distances now. The concept? Mind over body.


Or shall I call it as the leap of faith? You do what you believe you can do and leave everything to nature to bless you depending on your efforts.


I tried to concentrate and tried to make my body heal by itself, with prayers of course and by following the doctor’s orders about posture and physical therapy.


My ex husband and other people? They tried to stop me from my routine early morning exercise. He said I am doing it to become sexy and attract men (dumb ass).


Most people or I think all of them, except for my physical therapist, said it would injure me more. But honestly, I felt and believed that I would get better doing the exercise than nothing at all.


I decided not to give up my quality of life without even trying to put into practice the idea that I can ask my body to function well for me. Actually, that was the last hope and it did good for me. I got 4 slipped discs now, but I am still running every morning. I do my selfies and enjoy life as it is.


Will I let people stop me from being fit, slim and beautiful? No way. No one can take out from me what I fully think I am capable of doing – being an achiever! If you think you can do it, create a positive energy and surround yourself with people who are an ultimate doer of things.


Vibration of the positive thoughts and from the positive thinking people around you can change your life and shape your destiny in a blissful, silent way.


Turn your negative vibes into a positive fuel to do what you have to do. Positive thoughts, positive actions, and positive vibrations can raise your level of confidence as well as make you feel confident in facing whatever challenges awaits you.


As of this writing, I finally came to understand that to maximize whatever we wish to accomplish – always follow your instinct. Oftentimes, it opens doors to passion and opportunities. May take time, but the hand of God works in a truly magical way.




How to practice Mind Over Matter?

Get a mental picture of the body and life you wish to have. If you want to feel less pain of your slipped disc, you can ask your body to heal and function without pain. Imagine what an ideal life would be for you.


This is how it is for me. Every day, I pray I would stay at the age of 35, that means being fit, slim, and beautiful. I tell my body to get into that shape. I also instruct my body to deprive myself of the lower back pain and just function as if I don’t have a slipped disc at all.


The mental preparation is actually a mind conditioning I was able to adapt over time. Simply put, you get motivated to follow a good diet, aging skin care routine, and basic exercises, such as walking or running every day. That changed my life!



Using the mind to speed up metabolism

When you are overly fat, your metabolism slows down. Fat begets fat. The fatter you are, the less energy you burn, even while sleeping. With the use of mind control, you can make yourself burn about 20 additional calories an hour.


Doctor Donald Wilson points out that there are specific areas in the brain that control the way food is metabolized. Turning the switch on can step up the body’s metabolism.


You can do this every night before going to bed. Your body will definitely get the message soon and do it for you.


To stay younger looking, counter the feeling of depression when you see a streak of wrinkle on your face with an input of positive energy. Tell your face to relax and rejuvenate. Try it and see how it goes.


The Mind Over Matter has been effectively designed to work with people who refuse to give up on anything. For people who are an achiever, who thinks and wills they can have it, and yes, ultimately will have it all.


In the degree that you keep young in thought, you will find that your body will in turn aid your mind, because the body helps the mind the same as the mind helps the body.


I never believed in mind over body before, but when I was desperate and had nothing and no one to run to but myself, I started to think that maybe, in some ways, I can tell my body to function properly and move without pain like a normal healthy body. That was it and until now, at 49, you can still find me on the highway jogging, running, and walking every morning.




Thoughts from the author:

Shirley Chio thinks that if you want it, you can have it. The trick is to surround yourself with positive thoughts so you attract positive energy. She did not expect that the study came out with the Harvard renowned psychologist. This just confirms that the Mind Over Matter concept is real and she is not crazy. Doing something that can make you feel better and make your body function normally amidst what science has turned out to be, is something that you should will to happen. Mind over matter is true and will definitely work for those who keep the positive thoughts and never allow the negative thoughts to influence the positive vibrations.




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