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Gerson Therapy Cancer Treatment

Gerson Therapy juicing Gerson DietThe Gerson juicing therapy can effectively cure cancer cells (non-toxic) and other chronic degenerative diseases. The alternative cancer treatment is offered by the Gerson Institute, a non-profit organization, using a natural whole body approach to healing. As an alternative solution to treat cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases, this powerful holistic treatment is designed to boost the immune system of the body so that it can heal on its own, which includes cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, tuberculosis, diabetes, and many other degenerative diseases. The goal of the treatment is to effectively restore the incredible ability of the body to heal itself by combating the most basic symptoms and cause of most degenerative diseases, which are toxicity and nutritional deficiency.


The chronic and degenerative diseases are the major causes of morbidity and death in middle age and old age. Researchers believed that the cardiovascular, metabolic, and cognitive disorders have been the result of the loss of nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide plays a major role in the control of almost every organ system of the human body.


The Gerson Diet helps activate the ability of the body to heal itself, using plant based diet, raw juices, and natural supplements. The healthy diet meal plan is a bit different with the Gerson Diet because it is targeted to enhance the immune system. The antioxidants, such as the melatonin, Vitamin C, and the Vitamin E help reduce the oxidant damage caused by the nitric oxide.



Let your food heal your body

The diet will boost the body’s immune system and let it fight back and heal itself of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and other degenerative diseases. This time you are not to count your calories, but need to choose your food wisely.


The diet treats the toxicity of the body by looking into your nutritional deficiency first. The organic juices contain a super dose of enzymes, minerals, and nutrients that could break down diseased tissues and eventually eliminate the toxins.


aging and nutritionTrue healing can only begin when your body is rid of the toxins. The diet aims to regenerate the body by flooding it with organically grown fruits and vegetables daily that could fully support the body’s metabolic requirements. Besides juicing, raw and cooked solid foods are part of the diet.


Liver and kidney failure

When you are sick of cancer and other degenerative diseases, it would normally result in a liver and kidney failure. The body may not be able to excrete the increasing amount of waste, resulting in illness.


The Gerson therapy can detoxify the body, regenerate the liver, reactivate the immune system, and restore the body’s defenses. People with liver failure are usually placed on a restricted diet that includes limiting the intake of animal protein, fish, eggs, and cheese.


Eating too much protein may cause brain dysfunction. To be safe, people with liver and kidney failure are advised to eat foods that contain more vegetable protein (such as soy) limit their sodium consumption, and avoid alcohol.



Fresh juice from raw foods is the easiest and the most effective way to obtain high quality nutrition. You are able to absorb about 15 pounds of produce every day through juicing.


Every day a Gerson patient drinks up to 13 glasses of fresh, raw carrot or apple, and green leaf juices. The diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, and extremely low in sodium, fats, and proteins.


The Gerson Therapy is considered as a metabolic therapy, which the juicing and the supplements are expected to help correct the imbalance as well as get rid of the malignant cells.


A typical meal of the Gerson Diet includes freshly prepared organically grown fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The meal includes a preparation of salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, Hippocrates soup, and juice. For snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables are provided anytime in addition to the regular diet.


Clinics and the cost

The Gerson Institute does not operate any medical facility. You would be referred to their licensed clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, and the one near Budapest.


Clinic fees can range to $5,500 per week for 2 weeks. The startup cost for the home treatment could range from $2,000 to $4,000. Given the frequency and involvement of juicing, you may need someone to do a lot of shopping. Staying in clinics for the first 2 weeks is better in order to become familiar and strictly follow the diet. Patients are advised to follow the diet for 2 years.


Regeneration and healing

Variables and factors that determine whether a person can successfully recover from its chronic and serious disease, including cancer, are the age, family history, occupational or environmental exposures, dietary and lifestyle habits, inherited traits or genetic weak links, and pre-existing conditions.


The therapy requires an enormous lifestyle change and the willingness to follow a rigid diet because of its strict therapy protocol. The Gerson Therapy is a full time job that requires cooking and juicing several hours a day. To sign up for the therapy, you need to be able to eat, drink, and eliminate normally.




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