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Anti Aging Fat Loss Fitness Routines To Maximize Muscle Mass Growth

Lose weight fast by integrating anti aging fat loss fitness routines designed to optimize your muscle mass growth. Resistance training can bring in an enhanced muscular endurance alongside muscle gains. Here is a simple way to build lean muscle mass. Activate the hormones responsible for stimulating muscle growth so you can gain muscle mass fast. Stimulating your hormones turns on the switch of your anabolic process. During fasting or under eating, a starvation like signal is perceived by the body as catabolic. To compensate for the missing food and protect your body from metabolic breakdown, the first response of your body would be to boost your anabolic activities.


Eating less and recovery meals

Boosting the anabolic activities may increase the capacity of the body to assimilate protein and other nutrients for maximum nutrient utilization. Damage to the muscle tissue is prevented by inhibiting a protein breakdown. When you eat less, you trigger the primal biological mechanism that helps your body adapt and survive in times of food deprivation.


At the cellular level, the most powerful catabolic anabolic process is activated during fasting or under eating. There is a dramatic increase of the IGF1 receptors in the muscle cell membranes. This increase creates a primal biological compensation mechanism that ensures survival when there is limited access to food. In fact, most studies about growth hormone revealed a positive correlation between hunger and stimulation of the tissue building hormones.



shape up anti aging fat lossTo take advantage of this powerful dietary under eating cycle, you need to avoid metabolic decline and muscle breakdown. This means controlling the length of under eating, which should not exceed over 24 hours.


The incorporation of special recovery meals after exercise enhances the overall metabolic impact of the muscles. This information is critical to make your anti aging fat loss fitness routines effective. Most people are struggling with understanding the most basic activities of the human body.


The energy produced and seen within the cell is responsible for the repair and growth of the body tissues. The catabolic reactions tend to produce carbon dioxide, energy, water, ATP, ammonia, and urea. The adenosine triphosphate compound or ATP is released during the catabolic process from the released synthesized energy.


The ATP compound supports all cellular functions that need energy as well as stores energy for cellular functions. The cellular process includes contraction of muscle fibers and the synthesis of other necessary compounds.



What about resistance training?

Resistance training causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. The activity increases the strength, tone, mass, and endurance of the body. The external resistance used are often dumbbells, bricks, or any equipment that can make the muscles contract.


Types of resistance training

  • anti aging fat loss flat absOlympic lifting
  • Power lifting
  • Weight lifting
  • Resistance bands
  • Free weights
  • Weight machines


The strength training increases your muscle strength when it works against the weight or force. A beginner may need to train at least 2 to 3 times a week for maximum benefit. Rest each muscle group at least 48 hours for optimum gain in the strength and size. For controlled impact, you may do the plyometrics.




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