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Finding The Cure Of My Son’s Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disorder characterized by the appearance of white patches on any part of the body. The disorder occurs when the melanocyte cells that make the pigment in the skin are destroyed. The cause of the disorder is not known, but it can affect the mucous membranes and the eyes. It is believed to be some kind of an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks the good cells instead of the bad cells. Some researchers consider the sunburn, emotional distress, or the melanocytes just plainly destroying themselves as possible causes of vitiligo. The disorder occurs in both men and women at any age.



People with the hyperthyroidism autoimmune disease are more likely to get vitiligo.


The white patches may appear on

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Arms
  • Face
  • Lips
  • Around the mouth
  • Eyes
  • Armpits and groin
  • Nostrils
  • Genitals
  • Rectal areas



Other symptoms

People with vitiligo have hair that turns gray early. For some people, the white patches do not spread. Most people, the white patches spread to the other areas of the body. There is no way of telling whether your vitiligo will make the white patches spread or not.


Vitiligo spreads slowly over time. For some, it can spread after experiencing a physical or emotional stress. For some people, it spreads quickly. Trauma or stress to the skin is being associated with vitiligo and being investigated as one of the factors that can trigger the occurrence of the disorder.


Autoimmune disorder

In today’s world, there is an increasing trend of people getting an autoimmune inflammatory diseases, including vitiligo, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I believed that vitiligo can be managed by a change of diet. My idea is that to cure my son’s vitiligo, I need to cure his immune system.


Vitiligo is a disfiguring disorder and I do not want the white patches to spread. My son mentioned his disappointment about it and was hopeful it won’t spread. Being a researcher and a mom who loves to blog about anti aging skin care and weight loss management, I feel I should include vitiligo in my research and walk my son with his life. I have been doing the research for over 5 years now.


The autoimmune disease comes in many flavors, such as psoriasis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, IBS, sclerosis, lupus, and arthritis. They are disfiguring and painful. It affects the body and the nervous system. An autoimmune disease can occur when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues rather than the foreign molecule or bacteria. It significantly affects the person’s quality of life.


No cure

At first I thought it was ap-ap and that it would be gone with the application and treatment of salicylic, but it didn’t go away. It stayed many years and that white patch on his arm is growing. I am thankful the spread has been slow. He is 17 now (2016 and will be 18 on June).


Most articles and journals I read said it has no cure, but I am not giving up on him. I had been through a lot with my life and I never give up on my kids. If cancer can be cured through an alteration of the diet, why can’t it cure vitiligo?


Poor diet and stress

His diet consists of lots of meat, fried foods, fast foods, and processed food. I believed that by altering his diet and supporting the body’s optimal functioning can make him recover his condition. I just need to design his immune system recovery plan.


I am not a doctor. I am not rich. All I have is faith. Gaining some balance on his diet and immune system, he would recover soon from his vitiligo. This, I am quite sure!


Acne and vitiligo

His back is almost filled with acne. I went to three dermatologists and they were not able to cure the acne. Lauric acid is the best way to fight acne naturally, for which, the source is coconut. It is the precursor to monolaurin, which is a very powerful antimicrobial agent in fighting viruses and bacterial infections.


When the lauric acid, through the coconut oil soft gel capsule, is ingested, it forms the monolaurin. Fortunately, I bought one bottle for myself last Sunday. Never thought it would be that valuable for my son until today (Feb 23 2016) that I stumbled on the information while I was blogging about coconut oil for hair regrowth. The hand of God is upon me (Thank you Lord).


Lauric acid has disease fighting abilities. It can inhibit the growth of pathogens due to its strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. For centuries, lauric acid has been used to treat viral infections, which include sores and genital herpes.


When lauric acid is converted to monolaurin, it can kill a wide range of harmful pathogen hosts in the body, which makes it as an effective way to kill chronic diseases and viruses. It has shown positive outcomes in treating HIV/AIDS, simplex virus (HSV), and chronic yeast infections. The strong bactericidal properties of the lauric acid can effectively and naturally treat or cure acne.


Diet supplements

Right now, I gave him multivitamin for men, Vitamin D3, Omega 369, and coconut oil soft gel. He just finished the zinc tablets. I would combine one or two of the diet supplements each day. I don’t want to make give him more because I do not want him to develop a fatty liver acid.



Yes, he is obese and I am working on his diet and weight. This is the first goal to strengthening his immune system. His waist was 40 and after the diet changed became 38. He won’t weigh himself, so I just based it on his waist for now. He did not measure his waist though, I just based it on the size of his pants. This morning (Feb 23 2016), he said his brother’s short pants fit, but a bit tight. Guess the waist size? It is a 36 he he. It is a yey for me.


What I did to deserve a smaller waistline? Eat right and discipline – it is not easy if all you see anywhere you go here in the Philippines is fast food. I just learned today (Feb 24 2016 that he is now a size XL from XXXL shirt he he).



Absolutely no more colas for him. He can drink if he wants on birthdays and special occasions only.



He eats rice only for lunch because most of the time he is at school. One problem with being flooded with fast food, healing can be slow. He does not want to bring a lunch pack, so I have to go around with what he wants and what he needs.


Oatmeal and fruits

I have been eating oatmeal mixed with fruits for years now. I figured out it would be a good start for him to see me maintain my weight eating just that three meals a day. Of course, I eat fish and seafoods with vegetables, but less meat.


He eats the same stuff. I prepare it for him. Still, he has been feeding with fatty fried foods and meat. That is quite a challenge. Fried foods and meat can make you fat. I have to figure out how to go around with this. Things have been quite difficult for this mom yeah?

My son in his bithday 2013

Ivan 2013 Ivan 2013 2

My son in 2015 when he was not eating rice anymore and just started oatmeal and raw fruits

cure vitiligo anti aging fat loss

My son in his birthday 2016, slim already




Update March 8, 2016

My son just went back to eating white rice again. He is already eating white rice for lunch. We had an agreement before he would be eating the oatmeal + fruits I specially prepare for him when at home. I expect him to eat the oatmeal in addition to the food serve on the table. During breakfast, he does not eat white rice, but eat fried foods and most of all, meat. I cannot do anything. He made his choice. It would be difficult to make him see that he is making his body more acidic without the alkaline fruits. I am so unhappy and disappointed tonight. He just said no and he had made his research. So be it. I did my best. I know in a few days, he would be fat again. He does not even do exercise. Quality of life is a choice!


Update September 1, 2016

My son went to eating oatmeal and then rice. He has a 28 waist now. I haven’t weigh him yet, but I am pretty sure he is leaner now and NOT FAT anymore.


(to be continued)


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