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Cure Cancer Cells Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers

Are you tired of the painful treatments? If you are, then let food be your medicine! Make it hot, lose weight, and cure cancer cells! Eat red hot chili peppers as part of your meal, while continuing medical treatments. You don’t lose anything trying, except the advantage of losing weight.


Researchers found the capsaicin in chili peppers has the ability to reduce the speed of cancer cell growth and increase the rate of death in triple negative cancer cells. There was an article published by the Cancer Research in March 15, 2006. The study shares one natural way to potentially stop the spread of prostate cancer cells.


You may eat the red hot chili peppers, which have been increasingly known to fight off cancer cells and cancer causing substances called nitrosamines. The substances it contains specifically target the tumor and cancerous cells in cancer affected organs.



The capsaicin in the chili pepper has been effective in inhibiting prostate cancer cells. Both the chili peppers and the jalapenos demonstrated the ability to neutralize cancer causing substances (nitrosamines) and helped prevent cancer because of their capsaicin.


The capsaicin is what makes your mouth burn and gives the pepper its pungent odor. Using the aggressive triple negative breast cancer cells, the researchers were able to determine the effect of the capsaicin on the tumor cells.



They activated the Transient Receptor Potential Channels or the receptor cells by adding capsaicin on the tumor cell cultures. The tumor cells began dividing much more slowly and began to die in large numbers.


The surviving cells also lost the ability to move quickly and reduced the ability to metastasize or develop secondary growths away from the primary site. In combination with the ginger root, it becomes even more important to health. Mice who were discovered prone to lung cancer experienced a reduction in diagnosis when fed a combination of capsaicin and gingerol.


Nutrition is the provision of cells and organisms necessary to support life. It is what people label as alternative medicine.


Nutrition has taken care of your health for years, proven to be as effective as the antioxidants that repair DNA, immune boosting anti-inflammatory agents, and the anticarcinogens that cure cancer.


Food such as the chili pepper fights pain and chronic diseases. The red and yellow chili peppers have twice as much Vitamin C as the green peppers do.


Surprisingly, the green peppers contain more Vitamin C than oranges and supply more than 100% of the recommended daily dose. Get amazed now! The red peppers contain about 8 times beta-carotene as the green ones.


Chili peppers are an extraordinary analgesic and anti-cancer food due to their high levels of capsaicinoids. The capsaicinoids can actually cure certain intestinal diseases and inhibit the growth of leukemic cells.


The consumption of chili peppers and fiber beans dramatically resulted in a remarkable low rate of intestinal, stomach and colon cancer in the South America.


If you are in doubt, do not forget the experience might be good for you after all, the capsaicin is a thermogenic agent that has the ability to increase the overall metabolic activity and can make the body burn more calories and fat in a very natural way. What is there to lose?





Capsaicin triggers suicide in primary prostate cancer cells

Isn’t this good news? The capsaicin was found to trigger suicide in primary types of prostate cancer cell lines. It also lessens the expression of the PSA or prostate-specific antigen, inhibits the testosterone and the dihydrotestosterone to activate the PSA.


The test dose was 400 mg of capsaicin for a 200 pound man. After 4 weeks, there was a reduction of the cancer tumor growth and size.


One important thing you need to know. The excessive intake of hot chilies has been linked to stomach cancer.


Too much spicy stuff can induce heartburn and you will feel like chainsaws ripping through your insides. Too much of anything is dangerous!


Potentially stop the spread of prostate cancer by eating chili pepper. One study conducted sometime in 2010 suggests that the capsaicin reduced the cancer cell production of the PSA, better known as the prostate specific antigen, that leads to the induced prostate cancer cell death.


How did the hot chili do this? The capsaicin interferes with the protein synthesis of the cancer cells that includes the cell transcription mechanism of the cancerous cells and prevents any cell DNA degradation.


The capsaicin can kill cancer cells without harming the healthy cells, with no side effects. Capsaicin attacks the tumor cells source of energy and triggers a cell suicide.


Pure capsaicin rates over 15 million Scoville units. Just one drop of pure capsaicin in 100,000 drops of water would be enough to blister your skin. In fact, capsaicin is so hot that researchers who handle it need to wear protective clothing and gloves, and work in a specially filtered room.


A study published in the journal PLOS One, shares about the possibility of lowering the risk of death by 13%. They followed over 16,000 Americans for 19 years and found that a red hot chili pepper consumption brings health benefits that may help people live longer.


You can coordinate with your doctor to properly do it. Try and see how it goes.





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