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Gain Weight Eating Chicken Skin

chicken-skin gain fatTruly, there are people who want to gain weight instead of embarking on an anti aging fat loss diet. Your current weight is a result of your life long eating habits, heredity, and level of physical activity. Changing your weight is a matter of changing your energy balance, eating habits, and lifestyle. If you eat more calories than what is needed by your body, regardless of the source, you will definitely gain weight. If you are not getting enough calories (restricted diet), you will tend to lose weight. One reason you are gaining weight is that you are not active anymore as you once were and your metabolism is slowing down. The symptoms of aging – you may need fewer calories to maintain your weight.


To gain weight, you may not discard poultry skin or even trim excess fat from meat. Is chicken skin really fattening? You may have noticed weight conscious people telling you not to eat the skin.


The boneless, skinless chicken breast is highly recommended if you are on a low fat diet. CNN reported the chicken skin fat is about 55% monounsaturated. The difference between eating the skinless chicken and eating chicken with skin is about 55 calories.



What is the trick in cooking chicken? You cook the chicken with its skin on to keep the meat from absorbing the oil. The crust keeps the oil from seeping into the meat.


The chicken skin acts like a latex glove, where it holds all of the juices and fat while it is being cooked. This means that the fat in the body or the meat of the chicken becomes trapped in the skin. It cannot go back into the meat and cannot exit the skin either. Eat without the skin.


Chicken skin means fat

The fat in the fried skin is considered as saturated fat. The skin usually contains saturated fat and high amounts of sodium. There is about 45-75% fat in the skin that can result in the development of arterial and cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even some types of cancer.


chicken skin weight gainThe extra calories found in the chicken skin can add up quickly so you better be careful with what you eat. As always, you need to count your calories and achieve optimum health.


In addition, the breading on fried chicken soaks up more oil than the skin itself. This means you may develop some kind of insulin response just by eating this fattening food.


Convert your fat to energy

If you really want to eat chicken skin, then you should learn to move more and simply convert your fat to energy. Another option is to buy the chicken breasts, legs, thighs, or wings without skin (if available). This is one reason why people following a low carb diet plan do not fear eating chicken skin and fat.


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The low carb dieters do not consume glucose in the form of carbohydrates so they get energy from fat such as the chicken skin. The logic is very simple – fats are unhealthy if not converted into energy.


nice body weight gain fat lossWhen the body is not taking enough calories from the diet, then it converts stored fat to energy. There is a high probability you enter the starvation mode. To prevent this, they eat chicken and meat for adequate supply of fat.


Most experts recommend eating poultry than red meat. A grilled, skinless chicken breast or a skinless chicken breast without breading contains fewer calories while at the same time it makes the body burn extra calories.


The meat is packed with lean protein. This is good if you are trying to lose weight. A 3 ounce chicken breast has about 19 grams of dietary protein.


Healthy weight

A healthy weight with appropriate waist measurement is essential for maximizing your quality of life and your ability to move around. Avoid saturated fat like the fat in whole milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, whipped cream, cream cheese, chicken skin, and meat. They are not healthy for your arteries.


Achieving a healthy weight means eating the right amount and the right food for you. Try not to eat chicken skin if possible!




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