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Bad Lifestyle Impacts Your Anti Aging Skin Care

Your looks is a reflection of your lifestyle! It is a fact that appearances can influence your chances of success. Do you want to go forward with your career? Bad lifestyle can be an unflattering wardrobe.


There is now a wider cultural appreciation for how your appearance can influence important areas of your life, such as career success and your ability to find a romantic partner. You are a package in a brown paper bag of non-verbal communication.


Are you into binge eating? If you are a late night binger who eats unconsciously and who munches mindlessly on carbohydrates, sugar and fat, then my good guess is you are packing up pounds just like you put some $$s into your savings account.



Another good example of a very bad lifestyle is waking up after a night of drinking and found that you look bad as hell. Alcohol consumption can severely dehydrate your skin and trigger wrinkle formation.


As you age, the alcohol induced wrinkles would give you an aged appearance. You terribly look older than your age!


Why is this so? Frequent drinking can cause nutritional deficiencies, especially zinc. If left untreated, zinc deficiency can lead to premature wrinkles.


Don’t you know that people who drinks frequently have elevated AGEs in the body? Drinking alcohol causes multiple nutritional deficiencies, which includes Vitamin C and zinc, and results in a sagging skin due to a reduced skin elasticity.


Smoking and excessive drinking are addictive habits that should be avoided if you want to age gracefully. Excessive drinking can lead to liver problems and testicular shrinkage.




The reason for this is the way the liver converts more of the male hormone, testosterone, to the female hormone, estrogen. As a result, men with chronic alcoholic cirrhosis may have smaller testicles and even develop some form of breast enlargements.


The impact of alcohol on aging is multifaceted as it can cause both accelerated and exaggerated aging. Accelerated or premature aging means that the aging symptoms may appear earlier than normal. Exaggerated aging means that the aging symptoms may appear at the appropriate time but in a more exaggerated form.


Whether it is just meeting up a friend for cocktails after work, modern men and women can be consuming more alcohol than ever. Expect a red skin with deep wrinkles plus weight gain if you drink 10 175ml glasses of wine a week. You can download an app to see your future.


An app in Android allows users to upload a picture of themselves and see how they may look in the future based on the number of glasses of wine they drink each week. It was meant for women to drop a glass size and think about how many units of alcohol they were consuming each week.


Alcohol undoubtedly has an effect on a person’s appearance. It causes bloating and dark circles under the eyes, dries out the skin, and lead to wrinkles and premature aging. Over time, drinking more can have detrimental effects on your skin and overall health.


Alcohol can bake you successfully in an aging oven if you don’t start reducing your units per day today. A drink may destroy your collagen, attack membranes with free radicals, leaves cells vulnerable to grievous diseases, and may cut your supply of vitamins and nutrients to the body. A hammer of the anti-nutrient alcohol has absolutely no value.




The alcohol also interferes with the uptake or the ability of the body to absorb and use the nutrients they do consume. Primary malnutrition takes place when the alcohol replaces other nutrients in the diet. Secondary malnutrition occurs when the person consumes adequate nutrients, but the alcohol interferes with the absorption of the nutrients from the intestine, so they are not made available to the body.


A deficiency of the essential fatty acids can occur in individuals who are on prolonged parenteral diet with impaired fat absorption, or those who take skimmed milk as diet substitute. The deficiency can lead to dry, scaly skin, loss of hair, and weeping intertriginous eruptions.


Deficiency systemic manifestations are fatty liver, thrombocytopenia, anemia, impaired wound healing, and an increased susceptibility to infection. Dry skin causes pruritus. Moisturizers and an increase of the water intake can keep your skin hydrated.


In addition, the alcohol has direct toxic effects on the gastrointestinal tract and liver, leading to an impaired digestion, reduced absorption of nutrients into the blood, and an impaired utilization or if not, an increased degradation of those nutrients. This can lead to the progression of liver damage.


Studies show that experimental animals absorbed less amino acids from the intestine after they received a dose of alcohol. Proteins are essential components of all cells. They help maintain the cell’s structure, transport certain substances in and out of cells, and act as enzymes that mediate almost all biochemical reactions occurring in the cells.


You can read the study here

Or see the PDF below





Delaying aging and the onset of wrinkles

I am telling you directly now as a friend, you can never delay the onset of wrinkles if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle. You should remember that to obtain a beautiful skin, you need to develop a healthy diet meal plan and change your bad habits. Your skin definitely shows what you feed your body!


Get stronger nails, awesome looking hair, and softer skin by feeding your body with a well-balanced, nutritious meal. Beauty and aging skin care is not all about the surgery and cosmetics. You need to make the right choices and start to eat right!


Numerous studies show that a heavy alcohol consumption can lead to reduced Vitamin A levels. A reduced Vitamin A levels in the liver can have potentially detrimental effects.


Vitamin A is essential for a good eyesight, healthy skin and to help you fight infections. Over time, a lack of Vitamin A may mean developing problems related to vision and also, becoming less able to fight infections.


Vitamin A is important to improve wound healing, reduce wrinkles, and protect the skin. It is a fat soluble vitamin that helps cells reproduce normally through cellular differentiation.


Tips …



Growing old gracefully with beauty still intact (so I was saying ….)

How to remove your toxins naturally? One example is the detoxification and waste removal promoted by drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses a day.


This keeps the moisture level of your skin higher, which is an important factor in your cell renewal and skin hydration.




How to look younger in your 40s? Completing an 8 hours of sleep at night helps new cell formation and prepares the skin for the next day.


Vitamin C is important for the production of collagen. The lack of Vitamin C causes the collagen fibers to break down and show signs of early wrinkling. This means that the tiny capillaries supplying nutrients to the skin are becoming fragile.


The result can be a slowed healing process. When you bump onto something, you get easily bruised.


Vitamin E is good in promoting hydration and speeding up the skin’s healing process. It prevents dry, rough, and tired looking skin.


Vitamin A is used to clear severe acne and psoriasis. It also helps in treating skin disorders, warts, and premature aging. It helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


A zinc deficiency makes the skin sag, promote wrinkles, and formation of stretch marks. With less sulfur, the hair and nails become weaker.


The skin will scale as keratin is normally rich in sulfur. The selenium is important in maintaining the elasticity of the tissue.


These examples are just a few of the things that are very common, but ignored by most people. Any deficiency of vitamins and minerals would result to a premature aging.





Thoughts from the author:

Shirley Chio never drinks alcohol and never smokes. Thanks to the strict discipline of her Chinese father, the girls in the family were never allowed to join any drinking and smoking happy hours. Because she was asthmatic, she does not go near any smokers, so maybe it can be one reason she got healthier skin. The focus here however, is to make you see how drinking can make you age fast and look uglier in the future.





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